The CGMagazine Publishing Group is constantly looking to ways we can work with and help educational institutions. From helping build course packs, to supping samples of our books to ensure they fit a curriculum, CGM wants to help make our print products meet your needs.  

Working With Universities

From new releases, to classic reprints, the CGM Publishing Group has a large selection of titles that can fit a ride range of courses and needs. From the books of Ronald P Frye, to the classic releases of the Ryerson Poetry Chapbooks, RPF Classics, and Nuada Classics, we have the resources to help make a university classroom exciting.

Our magazines, CGM Backlot and CGMagazine are also available to post secondary institutions in full, in part, or by digital subscription, to bring the latest of media editorial, criticism, and interviews to classes worldwide. 

Working With High Schools

The full range of titles on offer from the CGMagazine Publishing Group is here to help make any high-school classroom interesting. With exciting classic titles, insightful modern releases, and magazines that challenge as well as inform, CGM is your ally in education. 

Should you need a custom program to meet the needs of your school or curriculum, please email [email protected]

Desk Copies

If you would like to receive a desk copy of one of our titles, please fill out the following form. * Fields are required.